Sunday, October 30, 2005

All about Pink! Lemon Layer Cakes

It was Carrie's birthday like two weeks ago and I was such a "busy" friend, running around partying with the "Turks", I forgot her birthday:( Bad! and Even worse because I always and always want to bake cakes and look for opportunities, and here I am missing Carrie's birthday! Good news is I got a chance to bake an apology cake this weekend when we decided to get together and catch up after my Chicago trip. I got inspired from an episode of Firefly, a sci-fi/western TV show, where one of the main characters, Kaylee, wears a pink dress all in ruffles and her friends call the dress a "layer cake":)

Lemon cake is Carrie's favorite and it worked perfect for the blog after getting quite a few complaints about my comments on friendship and chocolate last week! So, here is a correction, I have many non-chocoholic friends and a slice of lemon goodness is as good as a fudgy, soft and chewy cookie! (not better though:))) I made four small ruffled dresses and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I usually don't buy all that jazz about how great my cakes taste, but today I got double approval. Carrie's husband who only eats fruit as dessert said it was good and Aidan got his hands into the whole cake and finished his second big piece in less than 5 minutes! I am happy and pink!

P.S. Don't you think Carrie is a trooper with that husband of hers? I wouldn't be able to survive more than a couple dates leave alone marriage with a guy who doesn't eat desserts. Happy Birthday again!!!


If you like baking, check out the Whimsical Bakehouse Cookbook Mine has many pages with food stains, a good sign for a crazy cookbook owner like me, (good ROI, for those investors among you). Anyway, I highly recommend it.

For the lemon cake, I used their basic yellow cake recipe with a citrus twist, added 2 tablespoons of lemon rind and 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Their buttercream is absolutely fantastic; if you need the recipe, email me. That's all...More tips on the second episode of my Odeo show, check it out here:
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Anonymous said...

luv your blog!! The baby looks like he's LOVING that cake..and that really does look like a fabulous book..I just love the whimsical style. I tend to lean more towards that style when I'm decorating..So I'll have to check the book out =)

Take care,