Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Day 3: A day in Kindergarden

Today was all about color, we started playing with the airbrush tool, oh my god, it was such a blast. It is the same thing as spray paint, but its hard to believe you can eat a cake decorated with it. You can cover a cake in seconds with this tool. I have spent hours coloring fondant in the past and it never looked this perfect.

Next was coloring the decorations we made since Day 1 using several different techniques. I had to skip lunch to finish my lilies, sweetpeas, orchids and grapes and at the end of the day they looked horrific!!! It is hard, really. The picture above is supposed to be an Orchid, well not quite botanically correct:) I need to read on flowers...I didn't even know what a lily looked like and painted 6 stems in 3 different colors thinking they would be paired. Too bad my lily is not coming to SF with me:) After the class, I went down to the local Michael's to get colored pencils and now I am working on some designs for that three tiered cake. Still no clue what I am going to do...Where is my baking fairy???

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Anonymous said...

That's some serious stuff. I never knew so much went into the process.