Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I am going to the Big City!!!

I am going to San Jose for a short trip to meet with two lawyers, check out the big city and eat something other than pintos. So far its been beans and beans and beans and papayas. I also discovered why there are not many salads here...There is not much lettuce or anything green. It must be the climate..There is iceberg lettuce and thats it...No spinach, no collard greens, no romaine or my favorite curly red lettuce...I will have to figure out an alternative way to get them and store them...There must be some farmer out there to help me.
Its been a week since I arrived in Montezuma and it feels like a month at least. Not sure if it is a good thing or a bad...So far I am being lazy...allowing myself not to do much other than observing and people watching...It is strange but people here are nice...I think vacation mode or hot weather make you smiling all the time...Still, I can´t keep cursing when it takes 10 minutes to download one picture on flickr and even that fails...No entiendo!!!
The town is getting busier by the way. I met a couple new people today. Lonely Planet Guide book totally a huge help. I got a copy from the local bookstore. The bookstore is super cool, you can borrow books for C700 for two weeks.
I am off to dinner and then will head home to get ready for the trip. I am excited to go to San Jose and hope to find fast speed internet. Wish me luck with the lawyers, I really want this work! Ciao! Check out my hotel... Doesnt look too shabby:))))

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