Monday, November 20, 2006

Cost Management

"But today's crop of back-office systems is capable of forecasting, calculating and ordering much more efficiently and accurately. "Today, with all the integration possibilities, the computer eliminates work and provides valuable information that leads to better business decisions," Marguglio explains. "In the past, a chef or manager would sit down and write up a recipe, cost it out the best he could, multiply it by three or four and then put it on the menu. That is one reason why many restaurants fail. They have no idea if what they are doing has been right or wrong. It is essential to know how your restaurant is operating."
All I need is a software that I can enter costs per item, beginning inventory, how much each item I sell daily, fixed costs, and an ending inventory and revenue analysis by the end of the month....I dont even have Excel on my computer...Trouble!

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Anonymous said...

Google has spreadsheets now - you can use a excel like software available there