Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Sunday!

Hola! I spent the whole day at home going over a zillion of menus I
collected in the last 2 months and decided on my first menu. I sent it
over to my two unofficial partners (Lane and Cenk) and will see what
they will say.

Tomorrow will be exciting as I am going shopping with Nadja tomorrow,
will talk to her current employee and offer her a package to stay and
work with me. Then we will go over the books, finances, ect. Then a
break for surfing around 2 and head back to town to do more work in
the kitchen.

I am desperately hiring local Costa Rican employees who speak english.
If you know anyone who can help or got any ideas, please email me at

Rest of the week is busy too...We are going to meet with her lawyer on
Wednesday. I am headed to San Jose again. Most fun is Thursday! I am
looking forward to Janis and Veronika's visit. I will write more about
this later as I am very emotional right now. (sigh!)

Lets get back to business...

It is very strange but I could not find a decent chocolate bar that is
edible quality so far...They are either too sweet or grainy...I tried
so many different kinds but this might be a good opportunity to
consider experimenting with chocolate making...It is really hot, so I
am sure it is one of the reasons why it is so hard to get good
quality...but they have really world famous cacao production....Will
investigate this and report back soon...

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