Monday, November 08, 2010

Spread knowledge, spread your love

I have been contemplating for long time about changes at Organico.
Location, recipes, employees, business plan, financials, groups,
workshops...I did not come up with something that made my heart skip a
beat. Until after our meditation retreat in Cabuya. During this
wonderful Lam Rim retreat, I realized I feel so aligned with the
universe when I am serving others. I dream to bring people together
where we share our gifts with each other free...

I came up with this new idea. To create a community center, or a
creativity center for body and mind, where there will be scheduled
free classes and anyone will be able to sign-up as a
teacher...Traveling teachers, hidden artists, closet chefs,
photography experts... I am excited to meet you all...We are going to
offer all the classes for free and ask for donations. These donations
will be shared with the teachers and we will also offer a smoothie of
the day to our teachers. What do you think?

So, we are looking for anyone ready to share their knowledge, art,
dance, zumba, yoga, meditation, nutrition, cooking, poetry reading,
spanish, english, astrology, herbal medicine...or your unique
gift...Please let me know if you are interested...

Spread knowledge, spread your love,

So blessed to be at the service, may all beings be happy!

P.S. of course, we will still have our wonderful juice bar, vegan
ice-cream and some special meals on the menu...:)


Unknown said...

Ozlem your a dreamer. Make your dreams come true.
Good luck!!!
It´s a great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Covering my wall, (here in Arkansas) are an array of notes and paragraphs explaining a way that Americans might spread their wealth to include the farm community of Costa Rica, while simultaneously creating an ideal business investment opportunity. At the heart of it all lies the tandem need we all share, which is to live a good, wholesome life, free of any guilt associated with the usual modern business cycles which include robbing resources and using them up as fast as we can.

Although I do not have the money to visit central and western Costa Rica, (particularly the outer reaches like Montezeuma,) this did not prevent me from envisioning a fully developed scheme that would take your vision into an entirely new realm of possibilities. Americans know they can no longer 'trust' our currencies, and they haven't done well investing in all that real estate development of just a few years ago. But, they can build commmuniy based on the fair exchange of goods & sensible, 'locally enriching' business-channels with a low/no-cost tourism scheme at the heart of the exchange.

In the meanwhile, I too have turned my fullest attention to Breads & Pastries as well.


Sink said...

So glad things are going well for you, Ozlem! Sounds like you're living your dreams.

Mrs Erg├╝l said...

Hi, I will like to go to Organico. May I have the address to it please? Thanks!