Friday, March 26, 2010

from organico, lunch time...

reporting from organico, it is not high season anymore so I got time to update my blog and share more what is going on here!

Right now, two minutes ago, a group of four walks in, I feel the very masculine energy, two guys and two girls...they walk in happily, saying, "ooo cool place"..and check out the menu...the big, fit guys are ok with the menu, but it is the girls got a little upset that there is no meat!
they want to leave but they want to be polite and ask:

"only vegetarian stuff?"
me: "yeah...the best!"
he feels relieved, "oh, we'll come back for dessert, then. I need that dead animal in me first." Ok, he did not say the second part out loud, but that is what i heard..really...

then the ipod sings..

"i believe they get to you..." some song that I don't!

yeah....well, i am still judgemental about meateaters and would never date one:)

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