Sunday, November 29, 2009

drooling naked burgers...

my friends...are pretty hard core when it comes to food. Check out Jeff's burger idea and he wants to try it this week. This is beyond even my fairy talents. But I asked for inspiration, so here it is...sounds drooling good...

"....An open faced burger with a thin toasted crispy piece of sesame and whole-grain bread on the bottom, then spread on a lot of wasabi-ginger-avocado mayo, then layer with julienne of pickled cucumber/carrot/beet, then a layer of mizuni, arugula, and sunflower sprouts then top it with the mushroom cap (which will be basted with a blend of olive oil, lemon, sea salt and cracked black pepper and then hard pressed and rolled in sesame seeds then grilled to perfection sesame seed side down) and then placed sesame side up and topped with thinly sliced shoestring onions and shredded ginger which has been sauteed in olive oil until the onions are dark brown and crispy and then splashed with soy-sauce in the hot pan.

Serve with a steak knife and oven-baked sweet potato fries and the special mayo to dip in on the side. 

This could very well be the greatest vegan burger of all time. i'll be the guinea pig taster anytime this week except for Wed and Thurs..."

lets see what I'll do with this. It sounds really hard for me right now:)

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