Tuesday, September 29, 2009

San Francisco Dream

I'm back!
It's been ages and I feel guilty for not sharing new recipes or updates for such a long time. I was in San Francisco for two weeks and it was like a dream...It's been 3 years and damn I missed that place so much. I was overwhelmed, way too emotional, joyful and lots of tears. Connecting with old friends, deep conversations on my life and what the hell I am doing in a little town (!!! Pura Vida) and lots of laugher, and of course amazing food:)) I could not even get to see many friends, it is amazing how fast all happened...Life in Montezuma is so slow compared to the city or maybe I got much slower, I would take hours in a store just observing people, or be fascinated by amazingly packaged raw foods and of course Iphone...it was like a big show for me...Even the yoga classes felt different, a lot tougher at fast forward speed.

My little sister now lives in Berkeley, so I am going to be back, because it was totally not enough. I uploaded some pictures from the trip...The best moments were the first hugs with my old friends, the feeling of returning home, feeling the love, still get teary :) and really to see how much I have grown in these three years, no more be a vegan or else fights!!!..Before I was anxious to figure it all out, to know, to learn, to just get it all done, run in any direction, finish it, aaaah, mind blowing city rush...and the big question of what is the meaning of all this...Good news, I am not in a rush to figure it out anymore, at least I know that enjoying the moment, and breathing the joy is good enough. I don't know what the hell I am doing, but I am back home packed with weird looking, strange, exotic new ingredients (black chickpeas, xtan-gum, kale chips, gotu kola, peanut butter chips (!!!), coconut yogurt....and another load of luggage!) I will be back baking and want to share more. Is there anyone reading my blog anymore? I know you do dad:)) I love you!

Please have your greens daily! Not only for your physical health but really for your mental and emotional body, greens are vital. I had a green juice almost everyday at Cafe Gratitude...One of the best places in San Francisco and Berkeley and the staff is just fantastic. They gave me the recipe so I will share it with you. It is not the recipe but the love that makes the food special. I love sharing recipes and you add the love. You can do it at home, 50% cucumber, 35% celery, 15% kale or spinach and 1/2 lemon....so easy...Happy Greens! My good friend Ozlem had a blast trying her first green juice, yes it takes time to get used to it, especially after SF mojitos!!!


Ingiltereden Alisveris said...

i do read your blog and love it..and envy your life

Christine said...

Oh...we missed you! Let us know when you come back! Love you!

Thang said...

I still read your blog all the time to check up on you.