Saturday, October 20, 2007

How to cook your life

There is a special invitation for the San Francisco Premiere of How to Cook Your Life on Tuesday, October 23rd at 7 pm at the Zen Center.

Edward Espe Brown will be in attendance, I love his cookbook Tassajara Cooking and I am excited to see him in the movie! It sounds really exciting.

"What is the meaning of cooking and eating for the community and the individual? Is cooking a political act? How does cooking reflect our attitude toward life and the world?

Edward Brown is a happy priest, but for sure no saint. To him, the whole world can be found in a watermelon. In his pots, rivers and mountains are cooked. Fast food restaurants, organic farmers, starving homeless people and a woman who only eats what other people discard. Doris Dörrie's observations in San Francisco reveal a world of contradictions and diversity.  80% of all Americans don't eat at home, neither do they cook. If you don't know how to cook and you are poor, you have to live on cheap and bad food. No time for cooking and eating together is a loss of community and culture. To learn how to cook means to experience and preserve the richness of one's culture and traditions."


Anonymous said...

Hi Baking Fairy, I met you last December in Montezuma. You had recently purchased the cafe (I am the chai tea fanatic, Jennifer). I've been reading through your posts and am very happy to learn that you, and the cafe, are doing well. I'll be in Golfito, Costa Rica this winter, but two of my yoga teachers are doing a retreat through Dagmar in March, in Montezuma. If I go to the retreat I will certainly stop and say hello (and have a tea).

country girl said...

Hi Ozlem:
I really enjoyed your New Zealand pictures. My brother is a vegan. Please take a look at his blog to see if you like the recipe he posted today:

country girl said...


His address should be