Saturday, August 11, 2007

Feeling Insecure

I am being tested for security these days...Two days ago on my way
down to the cafe, a man with a machete shows up and hides behind the
bushes. I don't understand what is going on but I felt suspicious so
and stopped walking towards him. He kept hiding and taking a few steps
back. Very creepy and scary especially with his big machete. I turned
back and walked away as fast as I could, in the meantime he started
following me. It was 6 am in the morning, no one around but I wasn't
too far from home so I just went back to my place and waited behind
the bushes. He came went by and I waited a ride to walk down. I was
really scared...

Today, they broke in and stole two ice-creams. Coffee and pineapple.
This is the third time and I am not sure what to do about it. We are
moving everything as far away as possible from the windows and
covering the windows with big signs but they manage to get my
ice-cream somehow. I would love to install cameras, it would be
soooooo fantastic to watch what is going on at night....I feel
insecure and violated and there is no one to complain, no one to
report...It sucks big time...

In the meantime, I got a vita-mix. Someone I met at the cafe, went
back to the U.S. and came with a vita-mix...I am shocked! It was my
ultimate request from the universe and it happened...Well it is really
expensive but I am going to make good money soon:)

My first day experience with it was not really good though. It stopped
working twice, once while making black bean dip and once making the
crepe batter...Then it exploded while I was mixing leftover greens,
celery, spinach, mint, cilantro and basil...The color was fantastic
but the taste was horrible...

Now, a new request for a champion juicer! Then I am all set!


Anonymous said...

Acaba Costa Rika'da Turk vatandaslarindan vize istenmedigi dogru mu? Kisa bir tatil planlamaya calisiyoruz da. :)

Banu said...
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Banu said...

Wow, I read what you wrote and got really scared for you. Sounds like someone is trying to scare you out of town or something. Buy some mace or have someone walk you to your place. There are sick people everywhere. Please be carefull Insallah all will be well I will send a prayer for you. Love Banu's Kitchen!