Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Shastacilar at Lake Berryessa

On the way...
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We went camping this weekend to Lake Berryesa compliments of Shastacilar. This group is just plain crazy, very funny and seriously challenged with organization skills. Plans change every 5 minutes and you just have to hang loose and just laugh. Otherwise it could get a little too chaotic.

Saturday was fun with a lazy day on the lake followed by low action volleyball game and BBQ. Food was amazing, only if we had more lemons and eggplant in the eggplant salad (!), less salt on Kisir, a little more chicken for Can and a couple volunteers to make Smore's. Here is the Turkish version of smore's making: Everyone sits around the table, one person stands next to the fire and serves! Ughghgh! I am way too much "Americanized", this really got to me!

Yuko disappointed us by not singing one single Japanese song (since when Japanese are shy in singing) and Can really hurt her feelings by not dancing Salsa complaining that he did not have his salsa shoes...Meeeeeeeeen!

However, the song of the night was "You come from Kyoto and wear your Kimono".
We also had two secret romantics in the group, one brought a sheet cover, 500 Egyptian cotton (he forgot his tent but sleeping under the stars was even more romantic), the other brought incense, no one will ever figure this one out...(hint: "not big" in French)

We also learned that cups are important to stock up as we ran out real fast:)

Finally, if you ever step on to a boat, just make sure there are no ropes hanging around your leg. The stupid rope tangled around my leg and now I have a permanent reminder of this trip with me for a while.

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