Monday, July 25, 2005

Eric's Birthday Party!

Presenting the Cake
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I was planning this super secret party for the last week and it is finally over. Yeah! It was a quite some work to get all these crazy geeks to our place...I tried to keep it quiet but I am just too excited when I work on a project and I almost broke down when Eric came home on Saturday after surfing...Well, I had the balloons up already...

Friday Night: 7:00pm-Midnight
Things started to get crazy Friday night. I was planning to bake the cake and work on the decorations early Saturday morning. However, Eric was home and we ended up hanging some stuff on the walls, finally..That was a good move before the party anyways, so I did not stress too much over the cake...Then we went out to pick up food with Jerry. Came home and watched House of Flying Daggers...I liked it a lot even though I was way too skeptical after not liking Hero...

Since baking the cake after midnight was not an option, I decided to work on cake decorations and went to bed around 2 am. I haven't dared figure decorating before, so I liked the challenge with this cake. My figure skills are so basic though, see below...:))I much better with animals (lady bugs, Jerry:))

Saturday Morning:
He is so stubborn...


Well, Ali has a fun write-up that sums the whole event...But here is the list of things that I tried to get him out and his responses:
Ozlem: You should take Jerry out to a walk...
Eric: You just took him out..
Ozlem: So, take him to another walk...
Eric: That is not neccessary...
Ozlem: Well, don't you want to spend time with him anyways? You don't take him to work anymore so he misses you...
Eric: Yes MOM!


Ozlem: When are you going to get the bookcases?
Eric: Maybe today
Ozlem: You should get them today, it will be great..
Eric: Maybe..
(that didn't work out either, cuz the store had no inventory!)

Eric: Should we go for dinner tonight?
Natalie: Sure, sounds like a good idea.
Ozlem: Great idea, you should totally go! I can't come though, I have plans.
Eric: Hot date?
Ozlem: Yup!

Eric: We are thinking to order in...Maybe we should order in..
Ozlem: No, it is Saturday night! Go out!
Eric: No, I like to stay home.
Ozlem: No you can't. I need the place. *Mom/dad, this part is totally not reflective of my everyday actions!
Eric: Sure...(oh gush, I wonder what he thinks of me now:))

It was 6:45 by now and I gave up and went to shower and get ready. People were coming by 7:00...Oh, well...There were three more surprises anyways: I-chat with Dom, Ottmar's gift that arrived in the mail the day before and the cake...
and here are my pictures...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on managing to not strangle Eric in the midst of pulling off the coolest suprise parties for him ever!
Love the boy, but boy what a noodge.