Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New at Organico!

Kids eat free! I am just trying this out, since business is slow and I
have tons of kids hanging out at the place to play with my Nintendo DS
anyways, so, this might help bring their parents for food...Kids
defined: 0-8....Not sure how this will work, but worth a try and I am
curious how people will try to sneak more free food..."I am here for
free lunch, my inner child is sooo hungry!" :)))

So far, the menu has toast and jam, peanut butter jelly sandwich,
fruit plate, grilled cheese sandwich, Casado de Little Prince, Tomato
Queen Pasta....However, we have to have pancakes on the menu for kids,
no??? So, today we mastered Monkey Pancakes with bananas and
syrup....Inspired by Aidan's love for pancakes...

He is turning 3 next week and I will not be there for his
birthday...It really sucks...So far I have been with him for all his
birthdays in his life:(((

PS: Thanks Sassy for the awesome recipe,

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