Monday, May 21, 2007

It is raining...all day long...

I had a lousy weekend...My employees are sweet and nice but they are
not vegetarian....not even that, I can not even explain why it is that
important to me that they should not come with ideas like lasagna with
chicken, and no they are not joking...It is hard...I don't have one
single vegetarian friend here, I feel like a total freak and it is not
fun. Well Reina is here...She is vegetarian...Ok, I have one friend, I
feel better already!

It is raining non-stop and people like to eat when its raining
outside, so no complains. We have two new specials on the menu...Ocean
Salad...It is with wakame, daikon radish, shredded beets, marinated
cucumbers in rice vinegar, pickled ginger and brown rice. It has a
soy-sesame seed dressing...Really Yum!

And Save the Fish Ceviche with Palmito, heart of palm...This one is so
good and heart of palm looks like exactly calamaris...Stay away from
the fish, we got it all figured out...

On the ice-cream front, coffee-toffee is a new discovery...I almost
gave up on the vegan coffee ice-cream idea, then Nan suggested adding
almonds and chocolate bits...Voila!

Heading up the hill, who knows who will be up there??? Making a soup
tonight at home. Soup of a thousand comforts...Recipe soon!

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