Thursday, May 17, 2007


Seeing cute guys in Montezuma is nothing new, this town is blessed
with hot surfers, or hunky travellers..and sometimes it can be
hazardous:) Yesterday, I was almost on the floor when I saw this guy,
really tall, dark hair and a big smile on his face ( I noticed all
these in 5 seconds) and had to turn back to check him out one more
time. In between swallowing my drool and looking around to see if
someone noticed my second gaze, I realized he is someone I
know...Vince Vaughn.....I am crazy for him. There he was, in the
middle of Montezuma...I could not believe it! I know it is silly...I
am sure he is not as funny as he is in the movies but who cares.
Anyway, he went by and since we were closed, he could not come in to
my beautiful cute cafe! Damn!

Heartbroken, I headed home...But the universe gave me another chance
to see him! He was on a quad this time (the little 4 wheelers) and I
was walking up with my ipod on, dancing....(I must have looked really
cool from behind!) and we did have an eye contact! I swear! and then
he got so distracted, he could not get up the hill with the quad...It
was pretty funny, he had to restart the quad and all the charisma
washed away and with that shame he could not dare to ask me
out..That's understandable...So I went home, planted thyme, sugar snap
peas, mint and basil...


Lane Collins said...

He's single isn't he? You should invite him to Organico if you get a chance! ;)

Sud Ram said...

Or maybe chase him on a quad!

Send my love to Reina :)

country girl said...

I love Vince Vaughn. I have this image of you dancing up the hill and him stalling out his quad; made me giggle. You definitely have to invite him to Organico. Then he will go back to Hollywood and tell all his friends about you and your restaurant and you will become a hangout for all the healthy stars.

I had seitan for the first time at a vegan restaurant in New York: Candle 79. Absolutely delicious. Now I want to fix some.

Anonymous said...

He is sooo beneath you anyways. What would you do with that old sack? I hear Matthew McConaughey drops there pretty often too! Now that would be a night to remember.