Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Goal....

Zero Waste...I am very excited to try to eliminate waste at the
cafe...It sucks that there is no recycling in Montezuma. I stopped
selling bottled water already but thats not enough. I have to learn
about composting. I collect the compost but nowhere to throw it or
don't know what I can do with it...I would like to make an herb garden
but not much space around..I can buy planters...any ideas?

Also, coffee grinds should be used somehow....ok, will do some
webresearch on this...

So far, the only brilliant idea I have is saving papaya seeds, drying
them and grinding them similar to pepper....Baby steps:)


jason said...

Basic compost is very easy. All you need is a bin with a lid (keeps flies away) and no bottom. Find a good place for it, break up the soil, and set it there. Eventually worms will come and help decompose the waste.

You can significantly speed up the process with various additives and techniques involving fancy bins.

I don't know much about those methods.... I've decided to start the simple way, then I'll upgrade if we find we have too much waste or we need the compost for plants sooner.

country girl said...

We have been composting for nearly four years. The only caution I have for you is finding a way to contain it so you don't attract those unwanted creatures. Where we live the creatures are possums, skunks and raccoons. I have just what Jason described; a bin with a lid and no bottom. It's black so it absorbs the heat.

We can talk more about composting and other things when we arrive at your wonderful Organico. Yes, I will be there with my partner, Jay, and two friends, around the second or third of April. I'm looking forward to tasting all of the wonderful things you make. Please don't close that week. We are not vegans but certainly love our veggies and fruits. See you soon. I'll introduce myself as "countrygirl" but my real name is Kathy. Can we bring you anything from the states?

Anonymous said...

Country Girl, please email me at ozlem@organicomontezuma and I will send you a few items to bring from the states...very light would be fantastic..Can't wait to meet you!

country girl said...

I can't make your e-mail address work. Should there be something after Montezuma like a .com or .org?

Let me know.

Anonymous said...

hi! just found ur site, sounds like ur living ur dream1!wonderful!would love to know more since this is very much my dream too!! anyway, about composting, i dont know more the other visitors here, but as a barist i quickly learned that the used coffeeground is great for ur garden n flowers. why not pack it n give it away for free...we did, customers loved the gesture