Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ice-cream sold in pints!!!!!!!!!

Some guy walks in today and asks for 3 gallons of ice-cream...I start
laughing...Do we look like a store with fridges full of ice-cream in
10 flavors??? Not yet...

Anyway, we agreed on pints...Chocolate and Pineapple....This was yesterday...

This morning he came back, asking for more Chocolate and Banana.....He
is from Nebraska and into raw cacao!

Other than that, this months employee is Linda! She is from Holand and
she is just an angel! So far, my best employee ever was mom but Linda
is out of this world....She is travelling and stopped here with her
boyfriend a month ago and she came back to work for a few weeks...It
couldn't be any better, as I had a group of 15 people for breakfast
for this whole week! She is sooo smart, she got everything in less
than a day...It makes such a difference to work with smart people,
everything flows much faster!

I wish she stayed, but she is on a journey and maybe one day she will
come back....She is on the menu with her special salad...Linda's
Noodle Nut Salad with Soba Noodles, Cashews, Walnuts, Avocado,
Plantains, Tomatoes and Greens with a lemon dressing...soooo good!

I am very happy today....Making good money, meeting cool people,
trusting the universe and taking a few days off to go to the CITY and
meet up with some friends!!!!!

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