Saturday, February 17, 2007

what a day...

No water all is a nightmare and it is even worse
when it happens on a Saturday....and i had a group of 12 for breakfast
and I can not possibly close the cafe....all the shakes and the drinks
are blended with ice but when there is no water, it is just Tiana, Angelika and I kept praying for water and
today went by without any....

However, I sold as much as I did last saturday, closed at 3 and
managed to bake a special order cake and got some extra money from
there too...I sold only mango juice that I buy from an organic farm,
fresh squezed orange juice and water...For food all the baked stuff is
gone, all the ice-cream is gone...

Today was the last day of Tony's retreat in Las Manches...A group of
lovely people heard about the cafe from Tony ( and
came to check it out. Considering that they fasted for the last 40
days, they loved Organico. Luckily, I had some raw desserts and vegan
breads and muffins...At some point there was a line of people all the
way to the door...I also thought maybe we should just be a juice bar
and sell baked treats and raw desserts...Maybe...I do love salads
though...First, I have to find a way to take out eggs from the
menu...Larry also says: "Eggs should go..." I am also trying to be
vegan so we will see...

P.S. Mom arrived home safe and she emailed me already...

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