Friday, February 09, 2007

Ice cream all day long!!!!!!!!

I got an amazing gift today! An ice cream machine sooooooo beautiful,
so sexy and looks sooooo perfect at the cafe. I made my daily special
with it immediately and the difference is unbelievable. Now we have
non dairy, no sugar, super creamy ice-cream made with pure love....all
day long!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you...You are an angle and I
love you.

Another huge news, I got a week long deal for breakfast with a yoga
group. 12 people...they are coming from NY and it means it will be
tough...It is hard to manage 12 people (well even groups of 3 is hard
for me now) but 12 will be a lot of fun...I will report the variations
on custom orders, I can almost hear eggs with extra tomatoes, no
cheese, added protein powder, no brown rice, extra hummus (!) I know
you will not like this one:)

The bummer news about this deal, I was supposed to go to San Jose to
take mom to the airport, go and do my monthy shopping and take a break
for a day or so....oh month...

I am enjoying life these days...Idil and Amir are here. They are
testing everything and so far they seem happy with the food...This is
the most fun part of having your own place, friends come and hang out,
eat and laugh and eat food....Heaven!

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