Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another goodbye...everyday someone leaves....

Jessica is off to Toronto tomorrow...She has been here more than 2
weeks and I got so used to seeing her every day, I will miss her
terribly...Last week we made made Coconut Dream, a pure delight with
coconut meat and macadamia nights that I sold it all. She works as a
raw culinary artist and..she says she will be back...but it is hard to
plan far everyone has been saying they will be back and
only one person made it:) he lives in Costa Rica!

No water all day, so we just was really good and very
much needed...It feels better at the cafe, with a totally new light
energy...It might have something to do with John's "shamen" blessing.
I am liking it more everyday...

There are two magazines here who came over asking if I would like to
advertise! Hell ya! I guess this is where my business degree kicks
in...I used to love marketing and advertising...Now I handed it over
to my beloved friend Cenk to take care of it..I can't even find time
to take pictures but we will manage something...

I am off tomorrow, taking care of ordering, buying new stuff and
printing new menus. Brown rice salad and grilled avocado and tomato
sandwich just promoted to the main menu! Looking for a sunflower seed
burger recipe...

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