Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tiramisu Cake and Ekin's Engagement Party

My good friends Ekin and Ozan got engaged a few months back in LA and they drove up to the city to celebrate. I was part of the organization committee and we had a lot of fun planning and spending countless hours on the details, especially with Cagla (Ekin's sister)!

Ekin's favorite cake is tiramisu, so making the cake was easy. I used Heidi's Beeramisu recipe and added pastry cream and used Kahlua instead of beer. It was really delicious!

For the decorations, I was tempted to make the box from fondant but went to a BBQ instead, so I used a real box. (Yes, I do have Tiffany's boxes at home, and yes, Ekin's ring came from there:)

Lots of pictures on Flickr but here are my favorites. I've always wanted to try the custom ordering with M&Ms and they turned out great. M&M execs loved our idea and now they will be mass producing E&O, 3-JUN-06 and L-U-V engraved mms, only available in blue and off white:)))....joking of course!


Anonymous said...

Lovely picture! Tiramisu is my favorite dessert!

Can't wait to see the round up for JFI!


Rick Hobson said...

Nice sight. I'll give some of these a try.
Rick Hobson