Friday, June 09, 2006

Jihva Strawberries: A long due round up (PART 1)

The first Jihva Event was Mangoes and now we are on to the second one with Strawberries. It has been crazy over in San Francisco so I haven't got a chance to do a beautiful round up as Indira, but I wanted to start posting these recipes before the JFI 3 kicks in. Thank you all for participating!

Here are the first 10 entries, in the order I've received them. Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3!

1. Ramya of Culinary Gems: Roasted Strawberries
2. Hooked on Heat: Freshest among the Fresh
3. My Life as Reluctant House Wife: Strawberry Coulis
4. Manpasand: Strawberry Shake
5. Cooks Hide Out: Strawberry Bread Pudding with Strawberry Compote
6. Cook almost anything at Once: Strawberry Pudding
7. Trial and Error: Strawberry Bread
8. Santhi's Kitchen Strawberry Crumble
9. Food for Thought: Strawberry Shrikhand
10. Sweet pleasure : plaisir sucré: Strawberry Terrine with Sweet Coconut


Morrigan said...

Love your blog! Creative and delicious!

Ramya said...

Thank you very much for lovely round-up..

Indira said...

Wow, what a collection. They all look wonderful!

Thanks Baking Fairy for hosting this event with strawberries and for this recap.
Looking forward to the second installment.:)

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