Monday, April 03, 2006

Walnut-Rosemary Bread and Southbeach

Since I've started to help Agnes at the Teacake Bake Shop over the weekends, I have been so busy, I barely have time to bake at home, let alone blogging...Then I read other blogs almost daily like Kelli's or Hatice's and they post very frequently; giving me inspiration to continue sharing. Hence; the Walnut Rosemary Bread!

We got fresh rosemary from Farm Fresh and I've been using it on my roasted veggies but still, it would have been a waste if it wasn't baked into something:) I decided on the Walnut Rosemary Bread recipe that Joe did a while ago. It is a very easy recipe considering bread usually takes a good day or so to prep, this one took me a couple hours to bake from start to finish, and it turned out good, especially toasted, per Eric and John. It also makes huge two rounds so I will probably cut the recipe by half.

Update on SouthBeach:
Thanks to Sutter and Lane, Minako ended the misery. I have forgotten how amazing rice tastes, well their rice is also quite extra ordinary, too:) I guess my friends were a little concerned that I will be losing my magic if this diet thing went too long and I don't blame them, especially after my disaster with a SouthBeach cheesecake! I will never talk about it though, not now or not even in the future - think cottage cheese cheesecake and this is 20 times worse than that:)

On Saturday and Sunday, I also tasted some of the cookies and cupcakes we made at the bakery. My favorite so far is the Raspberry-Chocolate cookie, it is absolutely divine and worth every single calorie.

Well, today is Monday and I am on it again, till next weekend:)

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