Friday, April 07, 2006

My Hall of Fame at Trader Joe's

I hate grocery shopping but I hate online grocery shopping even more. The only good thing about grocery shopping is either going to a treasure hunt at Trader Joe's or getting a gift card from Whole Foods (or Whole Pay Check) or begging friends to take you to Rainbow; and for some reason I am not very lucky with the last two reasons! So, let's stick to Trader Joe's. I read Amy's Hall of Fame list on her blog and wanted to share my own baking list..This is not one of those tagging events, so there are no action items for you, unless you want to share...

BakingFairy's Hall of Fame:

1) Unsalted butter, lots and lots of it...
2) Rolled Oats
3) Cranberry/Raisin Mix
4) Almong and Hazelnut Meal (best value)
5) Medjool Dates
6) Vanilla Paste (best value)
7) Non-fat yogurt
8) Kalamata Olives (even though they are Greek)

Everyday Hall of Fame:

1) Hearts of Palm
2) Spicy Flaxseed Chips
3) Spicy Papadums
4) Mango-Papaya Salsa ( I can't buy enough, they are expensive- it sounds bad but I am really not that cheap)
5) Pre-cut and washed Rainbow Chard
6) Turkish Olive Oil (the one with a woman's picture on)
7) Armenian String Cheese ( probably mislabeled)
8) Vegetarian Thai Potstickers

My honorable mentions go to the Belgian Profiteroles and the Green Tea Mochi Ice cream, they are the best ever and just be careful not to finish the whole boxes... I am hungry:)

There is even a blog and a fan club!

That's all...I will be at the the bakery this weekend, stop by to say hello!


Anonymous said...

what's wrong with 'greek'

Baking Fairy said...

nothing, Turkish black olives are different and that's what I am used to...You should try them...Marmara makes the best...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a Trader Joe's fan also. After movng to CA, there are several branches here. I love their frozen avocadoes, frozen artichoke hearts, balsamic vinegar and vanilla gelato (but there is a lot more...).

BTW, I have never seen vanilla paste. Do you know which aisle usually has it?

Baking Fairy said...

Hi Mika, Vanilla Paste is in the baking aisle, next to the Tahitian Vanilla Extract. I haven't bought one recently and hope they haven't discontinued it...I haven't seen frozen avokadoes, sounds pretty amazing! I also love the frozen mangos! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I do n ot care for frozen mangoes or the avocados. But good to know some like them :) I also was curious about the vanilla paste. I have not seen it either but then again I am on the East Coast.

I do love their joghurt. I started getting the low fat instead of the fat free - not much calorie difference and tastes great.

I also love their frozen berries and frozen peaches.

Unfortunately in the state I am living in, grocery stores can not carry alchohol. But I heard that in Ca, TJ's has a great wine selection also. Next time I go, I definitely would like to check it out. I am not a huge drinker, but I do love the ocassional dry red.

Bobby nin annesi

PS - I also was not crazy about their feta, but I do love the Greek joghurt they carry