Friday, August 13, 2010

New Beginnings

I moved for to a beautiful house up in the mountains, with a secret
garden that is so magical, you have to come for a visit to experience
it, because I don't have the right words. The green, the air, the
space, the touch, the dew in the mornings, the coy in front of my
house, the flowers in my backyard and of course the city lights at
night, the view...Magical. I am blessed, grateful to my friends who
made this possible for me, to my beautiful cafe, to my employees who
are helping me so much to live the life of my dreams.... I have no
plans, no direction, only yoga and chanting and the desire to find
inspiration to help others, to be with others, to connect with more
people. And it is happening already. I signed up for San Jose Yoga
Festival, that is coming up in September 11th. We will bake cookies,
make green bars, meet yogis and celebrate life.

I am so grateful, it is growing and growing everyday. Life has never
been so fulfilling and delicious.

I am sorry it took so long to update the blog, but now I have so much
to share, I will be back soon!

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