Sunday, March 28, 2010

confessions of an addict

I am addicted to our chocolate chip cookies. Compared to all kinds of addictions out there, I feel pretty good about our vegan, wheat-free cookies that i have to have one a day. Almost everyday, if we are not sold out. I don't take one out from the case until we close, but if we are closed and there is one left, that is mineee and I am pretty serious about it:) So, i do know it is an addiction.

They are giant, as you can see and packed with lots of chocolate chips. Plus oat flour that we make by simply grinding the oats, flax seeds, raw sugar and homemade brown rice milk. So, in one of my intense why do I love these cookies so much questioning times, I got this idea of an experiment. wanted to figure out what my addiction was...Is the chocolate in the cookies or the cookies am I addicted to? Yeah, this is the big question of my life!!! Pretty entertaining for me:) Really, I don't care about the same cookies with raisins. At the same time, I also don't care about a chocolate bar, (except for our Green Goddess, that is another story and a secret recipe).

So, I made an experiment. I made raw chocolate chip cookie dough drops. With amazing cashew flour, oat flour, same real chocolate chips...Sadly, I could care less for these goodness. They taste amazing, they are pretty much the same exact same thing but I want the cookieeeeee! I think it is also the texture, the cookie is super big and crunchy, well toasted with the oats and flax. The drops are dense, and gooey. I love the crunch and it is lighter. Gooey cashew is super healthy but still, heavy and fatty. I want to try this same thing with almonds now:)

So, I guess am addicted to the crunch and the chocolate chips. I love the freedom that i can enjoy what I love. I love that I love cookies. I love that I make the best cookies in the world and there is not one single thing that I'd much rather have than my own cookies, if baked right. Trust me, to get this recipe right, we have done maybe 25 versions and my amazing friend and super foodie friend Jeff, has been there with me all the way, until they were just right. Thank you!!! We tried it all...From different brand of oats, to different grinding times of those oats, different sugars: agave, dark brown, raw sugar, fruit sugar, then the oils, coconut, cacao, soy, corn, baking times, 15 minutes baking, 20 minutes baking one side and flipping back an other 20 minutes, cooling them in the racks, cooling in the oven, baking temperatures then the storage, wrapping them in plastic bags, freezing or not. And if you have time you can figure out the combinations of all these variables. But it is all done. There is nothing we can add or take because they are just perfect. And here is the base recipe, of course we have our own changes but I am not sharing trade secrets;) Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

What about your oatmeal cookies????I love them, dream about them
and would love the recipe
I really enjoyed your resturant last summer and enjoy your blog, will you share recipe???