Sunday, March 21, 2010

Celebrating Ground Hog Day!

i love blogging. I actually love writing, it is a fun hobby that I've been doing a bit too privately these days. Now, I got some juicy things happening, so I can share with love! Thank you for being patient with me, checking the site, sending emails and being my friend! It makes it so much exciting to write.

As you know, I've decided to sell the cafe. Finally! Yeah! 4 years of countless hours and now I am ready to move on. It is exciting and very much liberating. I feel in bliss, having made a decision, on top, things are also moving quite smoothly and incredibly magical. I don't have a buyer yet, but it is all good and I know the universe will bring the right person, when the time is right. For now, my work days are short, we are open from 11:30 to 4pm, serving lunch and ice-cream with only three employees. It is super fun, quick and soooo much easier than the 7 am-11pm shifts and managing 10 employees. What a relief. 

Plus, I get to interact with super cool customers, meet interesting people, chit chat and be more social than the usual...goodbye to the crazy mad woman, who would run to the supermarket 10 times a day and be bitter about it everyday:) I am learning, slowly!

So, it gets pretty last week for example, had a great a-ha moment during one of these chats with a quite charming guy from the states. After the classic, how did you get here, my previous life, montezuma history, foreigner community in montezuma, he asked why would i want to sell this "great" business. I said, I really got tired of working. Plus living in a tourist town, where I have the same exact conversation everyday,"like this one we're having" gets pretty boring. He said, wow, it sounds like the "ground hog day!" Amazing. I hope you've seen the movie, if not see it, its great. 

Next day after we had this conversation, on my way to work, it totally hit me, the Ground Hog Day, the boat to Tortuga is on the beach, with many people waiting, I say hi to the local guide, the same guide, Pura Vida to the fisherman, say hi to other few people, trying to hide myself from rest of the locals and go in the back route behind the beach and head to the cafe...Opening up, and the first "buenas dias" gets to me even more now:)

Honestly, I feel like out of touch with real interactions, the basics, family and friends. I am living the same things, everyday, trying to add spice and flavor to it, by changing the recipes, but what I crave is being surrounded by real people, more than just super cool, deep conversations with wanderers around the world, who hang out a few weeks, or in the best case a few months. Roots...maybe..but then, would it feel boring? ok, enough therapy for today!

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Anonymous said...

What are your plans after Costa Rica? We wish you the best. Please do not stop blogging.