Wednesday, December 09, 2009

let the games begin!

i don't know when i stopped playing volleyball. Most likely when I moved here and thought it is time for yoga. Aaaaah, those days are so over. Ok, here it is, long waited apology from my friends. I am not a yogi, and I find yoga a little overrated. Sorry. I am having so much fun playing volleyball, i have been doing it all my life, i don't know why i let that go…Crazy. And I am damn good at it. Thank god my killer serves are still with me and it is just magical here to play on the beach and meet other super cool v-ball players. And there is nothing more sexy than a man who really knows how to dig a ball. Ufff, finally. We started weekly games already, with posters, ect. and people are showing up. I am so happy! I used to play everyday, i don't remember not playing this long, i am finally getting myself, finding my fun and my peeps. Plus these hungry gangsters eat whatever I bake, no questions! Yogis are a bit uptight about the agave and ultra organic olive oil….hahahahah…i am aliveeeeeeeeee!!! Let the music play, let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

Ohh yes, you are so good at it!I also miss those days a lot. We were so popular :) especially you. I remember most of the guys gossiping about you when you were playing:) Super player, intelligent, beautiful and talented girl...Oh my dearest friend, why are you not here, miss you so much.
love you, hande

Anonymous said...

for one more game in the lunch break, i'd give anything now...minus the aweful uniforms:) i love you so much too! come here for a visit and we'll play again!!! tropical v-ball at its best! p.s. about popularity, come on, your crowd was different and quite large:))) Big hug!