Sunday, December 13, 2009

Israeli Turkish Coffee

Ooops, not coffee free anymore... Its been maybe 3 weeks, but today, I had to try a cup of Turkish coffee in Montezuma, an invitation that doesn't happen very often:)

There is a new restaurant in Montezuma, Pugga's. Super sweet family from Israel. We have so much in common, I feel so good to have friends close to my culture. Plus, Maya the owner, is an amazing volleyball player. Today, when she offered Turkish Coffee, I was a little surprised even have to admit, I said to myself, "Turkish coffee, what a confidence:)"...Her brother took out the coffee from the refrigirator and poured hot water over it in a glass. I was terrified! I doubted my eyes...Then, of course, I had to tell that whatever they are making maybe coffee but is totally not turkish coffee. Then, we started laughing because we were heated up over how to make Turkish coffee in Costa Rica in an Israeli restaurant. These are so precious moments, when we catch ourselves being serious over silly things and we can laugh at ourselves. Then, of course, the whole thing became such a joyful, funny conversation. Maya swears that is how they do it in Israel. I believe her:) Thank god I have all the tools and coffee from Istanbul to make them the real deal, plus I also do the cup reading:) However, I have to admit, the coffee tasted great, like a very strong americano, much better than any coffee I'd in Costa Rica, of course except Organico:) I love my little store.

Though the coffee tasted great, not feeling that great with the buzz right now..Crashed pretty fast, so I don't know...I love coffee, i love the taste but it just doesn't work for me right now. Oh well...I just read Sarma's post and it is so much fun to read that we all go through the same holes...Life is beautiful as is, it is perfect.

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