Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ginga Day!

I got up at 5 in the morning, waited for the sunrise, watched my heart
beat and look over the banana leaves to the ocean. Then went to
meditation group and did yoga...A fantastic class from a great teacher
from New York. It was the first time I heard about Ginga. Ginga
(pronounced jin-ga) is an African word that came to Brazil through
capoeira (the Brazilian dance-fight martial art), and according to
Brazilian author and historian Ruy Castro, it is used to describe "a
way of never taking life too seriously, of fighting hardships with the
proper use of toes, heels and hips, if you have ever met a Brazilian,
you know what this means:))

It was a hard but at the same time super fun class!

She ended the class with a quote from Jeremy Taylor: "Love is
friendship set on fire" So simple and true.


Mai said...

sounds great! i love keeping up with your life in Costa Rica via your blog. that quote attributed to jeremy taylor? i've seen it attributed to bruce lee in the past. :)

hope you're well.

Organico said...

Actually Seide also quoted to Bruce Lee...I did a websearch, because I have to double check everything, and I found that Jeremy Taylor quote dated to 1630 or something...So I thought Bruce Lee probably got it from him...Anyways, yes I am doing great, I hope to see you guys in Costa Rica. Come over for a show or something...We need help with creative projects, teaching women crafts...