Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tsunami Warning and Sweet Life

It rained all day yesterday and late at night we heard about the
Tsunami warning for Montezuma. I was up the hill at a friends house,
no TV, no Internet..but only my cell phone. I called all my friends in
town and got most of the news from Marlen. She was scared because all
her family lives in Cabuya, on the beach and she could not reach them
by phone. She saw what happened in Peru and they also said on TV that
Tsunami would hit Montezuma around 9:00 or 9:30....I was scared, all
negative thoughts come to mind one after another and it is difficult
to keep calm.. there was nothing we could do but wait...The phone
contact was amazing though, everybody calling each other, hotels were
evacuated and almost everyone in town moved to Cobano.

Marlen called in 10 minutes and said she reached her brother and they
took all her family outside of the beach. That was a big relief, but
then on top of all this, a friend of mine was supposed to arrive
yesterday. He called right before I heard about the tsunami thing and
boarded the ferry. I could not believe that they would let the ferry
when there is a tsunami warning. I was worried. I prayed that he would
be safe and not die in the middle of the ocean. Yup, my prayers worked
and he made it safe here! Today, life is back to normal but it was a
great wake up call to see how little control we have over life.
Nothing is permanent and all there is this moment and it is beautiful.
I am so grateful and at peace. Now, all I want is to go back home and
visit my family and bake some treats for them.

P.S. Someone asked me about the visas to Costa Rica. It is true that
Turkish citizens do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica.

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