Friday, August 31, 2007

Painted Bottles

When I was very sick in San Jose a couple months ago, I started painting bottles. I got my first bottle as a gift from my friend Reina, I got so many complements for it from people asking if they could have one. Sure, why not paint it yourself?

Anyhow, it was a perfect project to calm me down and keep me busy with something outside the kitchen. I started for pure selfish fun and now I think I could turn this into a community project and have people walk around town with their own painted bottles.

I am also involved with a new community group in Montezuma where we are trying to create a more eco-concious, more rooted and connected community and recycling water bottles is one of the major issues in our tourist invaded little town. I suggested we can do water bottle painting as an after class at the school and we will begin working on it next season. I am excited!

Below are some of my favorites, I use acrylic paint and each bottle has its own theme depending on my mood. Blue's are when I am "blue", pinks are when I am in love and my favorite is still my first one named as "my costa rica".

Some more on flickr!

Hope you like them!

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