Wednesday, October 11, 2006

5 Things to eat before you die...

Melissa at The Traveler's Lunchbox started a project in August, asking fellow bloggers to name 5 things to eat before they die. Cenk just posted his list and I wanted to do mine, but it is hard to come up with only 5 things...So I cheated and created two lists, one for me and one for you...
Here is mine:
1) Breakfast, lunch or dinner or scraps at the French Laundry
2) Pierre Herme Macaroons Paris or Tokyo
3) Summer Rolls at Kai's Vegetarian Restaurant in Thailand
4) Dinner at Pure Food and Wine in NY
5) The 5 Elements shake at Organico
Here is yours (feel free to substitute from mine:)
1) Zen Dinner at Minako
2) Dinner at Playa des Artisans in Montezuma
3) Dhamma Bread (
4) Bread from Freestone Bakery
5) Bread Pudding at Tartines (18th and Guerrero)
Runner Ups
5.b. Mochi ice-cream (green tea)
Here is yours if you go to Istanbul
1) Ciya Kadikoy Carsisi
2) Hala Manti Beyoglu
3) Imza Pastanesi Ciftehavular (Ekler, Acibadem Kurabiyesi, Balli Pasta ve Milfoy Pasta)
4) Rokoko, Divan
5) Kumpir, Ortakoy


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Anonymous said...

In Turkey
Fish, Iskele, Cengelkoy
Adana Kebap, Asmaalti, Selamicesme
Doner Kebap,Beyti
Sekerpare, Divan
Baklava, Gulluoglu, Karakoy
Pistachio ice cream, Ali, Kadikoy
Kumru, Kumrucu Huseyin, Cesme
Manti, my aunt's (adress available upon request)
best view, Ask Kafe, Arnavutkoy
satsuma votka, Luca

San Francisco
Sushi, Ace Wasabi's
Chicken Kebap, Gyro King
Anythign on the menu, Firefly