Thursday, August 31, 2006

Raw/live Food Revolution: The next generation in health food products

From We like it RAW blog....Very interesting!!!!!

The raw food movement has been producing a lot of green recently, and I'm not talking about kale and cucumbers.

As the term raw food has gone mainstream most of the major players in the industry, such as Nature's First Law and Larabar, have seen tremendous growth. So its no wonder that major food companies are starting to take notice.

Take a look at this $1440 report whipped together by Business Insights and In-Food Consultancy, (link courtesy of Sarma):

Raw/live Food Revolution: The next generation in health food products

Consumers have grown weary of diets like Atkins and South Beach and are beginning to see natural options like 'live food' and 'Ayurvedic' diets as sustainable, long-term choices for maintaining health and weight. The growing demand for both allergen-free and less processed foods is also driving consumers towards this new health regimen. Raw/live food revolution is a new management report published by Business Insights in association with In-Food that analyzes the fast growing raw and live food market. This report provides analysis of raw and living products found in health food stores and forward-thinking supermarkets in the US, Canada, Australia, France and the UK. It details the leading products and manufacturers in the market and the key issues and trends that will shape its future. The raw and live food market is yet to be dominated by major players and provides profit opportunities for all food and drink manufacturers and retailers. This new report will help you identify, understand and exploit the new product development potential of the raw and live food market. Full PDF Summary

It is clear that the growth of the raw food movement is going to attract its fair share of vultures and value-adders. Although there is the potential for a conglomerate to swoop in and try to mass-market and dilute the integrity of the raw food movement, I think anyone who tries to do that is in for a surprise.

The raw food community is one of the most educated and viral group of "consumers" in almost any industry. That's one of the main reasons that raw food has grown so quickly! We have opinions and aren't afraid to tell our friends because we've seen first hand the results that are possible.

So in this green movement know that you also play an important role. Keep both the established companies and the newcomers on their toes by constantly questioning and researching their standards. Push for transparency and reward the companies that do with your dollars.

p.s. $1440 is quite a bit for a report, but I'm sure worth it if you need to get raw strategic with your company. If anyone ends up buying it please do send us your review.

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