Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Love: My Ice-Cream Machine!

I resisted to add another appliance to my beloved kitchen for a long time but finally gave in to this beautiful red Cuisinart.

From the Chicago Tribune:

"The need for ice cream makers baffles many: "Another appliance in my kitchen?" they wail. But skeptical frozen-treat lovers may want to reconsider. These machines offer an excellent way to put seasonal fruit to work in luscious and creative frozen desserts." and my love got 4 scoops!!!

I tried an amazing frozen yogurt recipe from Delicious Days and used agave syrup instead of honey (you can also use maple syrup) and it worked great. Adjust the sweetness as you like it. This was my second try though, I used non-fat yogurt on the first version, but it didn't work as well, lots of ice crystals. Lesson learned, you need some fat to turn the yogurt into creamy goodness...so go for the full fat and sign-up for a spinning class at Connect 18!

Pistachio-Yogurt Ice Cream
Serves 4, or if you are me, serves 1:)

3 cups (450 gr) yogurt (Greek yogurt from Trader's Joe rocks!)

1/2 cup chopped unsalted pistachios, (use ground pistachios if you like your ice cream green)

5 tbsp agave syrup (adjust as you like)

1 tablespoon vanilla

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, except the chopped pistachios, put them into your ice-cream maker and watch it churn and churn and churn...at least 15 minutes...then add the pistachios and churn for 5 more minutes. Get your favorite ice-cream spoon and dig in!

I have this blueberry sorbet and watermelon sorbet next up on my list....

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