Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Tuesday...

: "! * Krystians PHOTOSynthesis * ! has added a photo to the pool: ...what kan I say? I´m full of Love for all this...*To Answer your Questions:except the little Piece of the Peak I´ve framed with the Note, this Kloud was there like that! Therefore I like and upload it - it was real (It is possible to shop Something like that, yet I guess it wouldn´t feel so lively like the Lightpainting above. And it would bore myself, kause you kan do Everything in PS, but not Everybody kan see the Wonders while they happening... I have no Problem with PS Piktures, yet my Play and Challenge is to find the little Wonders and make a Photo. It is also better kause you don´t spent to much Time shopping - and there is more Time to make Piktures mainly... ;O)I´m happy you like it as much as I do, for me it is unbelieveable funny Koincidence!pARt of Moon, Sun & Elements_________________________________©1999-2006 all Rights reserved, Krystian"

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