Friday, February 24, 2006

Martha is here and I'm missing it...*sigh!!!!

Martha Stewart is in town! She is signing her new book, Baking Handbook, today at the Williams Sonoma store in Union Square. I so wanted to be there:(((

There is a great write-up on the book at the Seattle Times :

"Baking Handbook" is a solid addition to the Stewart library and proves once again that when it comes to the home empire, it's in Martha we should trust."

I second that! This book was my Christmas gift for myself and I already tried several recipes like the angel food cake, rugelach, swiss-meringue buttercream and the one bowl chocolate cupcakes. All recipes are fantastic, easy to follow and the book is another must have for every baker.

Go already and don't tell me about it or I will cry:)

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Anonymous said...

I'll take the Williams Sonoma store in Union Square any time! With or without Martha.