Wednesday, October 14, 2009

decadency in the jungle

ahhh, life in costa montezuma in the rainy season....everyday the present opens up with beautiful flowers, crashing waves, lots of sand, a little rain drop, soft breeze, fireflies....discoveries of routine daily life is so precious, i love my life now. Sure it changes daily; I can't promise emotional stability now, but I am working on it:) Organico is closed, I am as lazy as any cricket and yes, the ants are working hard on finishing my red quinoa smuggled from San Francisco...But, I am happy to be lazy, it seems like not enough time just to be. Note to my 90 year old self, you were happy and lazy at 33 so suck it up and dance like crazy and don't worry about rice and beans:))

Anyway, long introduction, laziness comes with its benefits of discovering decadencies, self comfort, more digging into how can I enhance this experience of pleasure, i feel like royalty in my sand castle! So, of course coffee for a vegan girl was decadent with soy milk at home and black anywhere else...until...I discovered something new at a friend's castle. Coconut Milk! I had it with regular coffee and immediately tried it with cappuccino...aaaaahhh, what was i thinking, creamy, delicious, mostly, decadent!!! It is a very rich experience...So enjoy a cup of coffee for me, with coconut milk, and smile to your inner goddess and start dancing before 90!!!

oh, here is a video too...sorry it is on you tube and no access from Turkey....

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