Sunday, February 22, 2009

Voir Un Ami Pleurer

Every moment I breath, is a is a test of my strength,
courage and how well I can manage to live in that moment...without
getting caught up in fears, pain, past dramas, depressions,
assumptions, perceptions, no judgement, no pity, no better or worse.
Every beautiful being in this world passes in front of us waiting to
be touched, heard and felt...In that exact second we see the beauty of
love, beauty of being alive and feel grateful for being part of this
universe. Today I am sad, I am sad to let go of a friend...l in a
relationship that was very important to me...many days of hard work,
tests of depression, happiness, love, many many recipes of beautiful
food, groups....It hurts.......sure there are others.....sure the sun
will rise again........but today I am sad and it is painful.......

in the meantime listening a beautiful song Michel sent me.....

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