Saturday, December 27, 2008

Baking Away...

My kitchenaid mixer is broken. It was expected so I am not too sad
about it. It served me for two years and worked really hard,
especially when Larry was around and kicking its butt with seitan and
totally abusing the little guy. Anyway, since we dont have a good
mixer, I have much defined arms, so I can't complain hours of hand
mixing. Also I can swear by better cookies and much nicer brownies. I
was probably overmixing most of the stuff...The latest challenge was a
cinnamon roll but we got over that with this amazing new recipe. It is
incredible, very easy and tastes fantastic. Highly recommend it!

I need to find a way to make it vegan but the nutella...ahhhh it is
soooo sinful!!!

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