Saturday, July 21, 2007

Point of Nervous Breakdown and Lizzle Dizzle

I left at 3pm yesterday to take a yoga class in Mal Pais. It was a
fantastic class and Flor Blanca is a beautiful place to get away from
everything. I left the cafe to my employees and Dariana and they were
supposed to close kitchen by 4:00 and close up everything by 5:00.
Since the yoga class ended by 5:30, I went directly home and came down
to the cafe this morning.

This is what I saw...All the produce that was delivered yesterday (a
weeks worth of organic produce) on the kitchen table. I accept that I
am emotional and that is not a good thing, but come on...I was mad,
how could someone who works in a restaurant can leave produce (and I
mean delicate lettuce, herbs, spinach, ect) out on the table, in the
hot kitchen overnight. I didn't cry, but I was soooo frustrated. We
threw out some stuff, beets and carrots were ok. What bothered me most
was the way they handled things. When I asked the woman that why she
left them out on the table, her response was I did not specifically
instruct her to do so. Then she laughed. I have worked with so many
people since I started Organico, and the truth is no one is better
than the other...(except for those special angels that I am grateful)
but I will always have employee issues and I just have to be a better
manager. I need to figure out how to delegate and make them
responsible and then if it doesn't work, they are out. Fired. I
decided to close for next week, mostly because I am tired, also I want
to meet up with Reina but then I met two new guys who are interested
in helping me and it sounds like fun, I changed my mind. Its time to
work on details of running things, not only doing everything and
training is part of it. I also feel lucky because I felt so yucky
today and some great customers were around to give me hugs and support
and kisses and love, so all is good. Just challenging but I asked for
this at this point of my life and I can do it.

P.S. Also, it sucks that I don't speak spanish and trying to explain
stuff is sooo difficult. I will learn Spanish. It is really a must.

In the meantime, a new special on the shakes...The Lizzle Dizzle,
named after Liz. Jeremy's creation. It is my signature frosty ice
coffee with almond milk and frozen banana.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fairy,

Well, I think it is always a difficult task to find very good employees. In Costa Rica we have this phrase "Cuando el gato no está, los ratones hacen fiesta", you can translate it like "If cat is out then mice have a party". Which in your case means if you are out Organico your employees will do what they want to and not what they have to.

Anyway best luck with your next employees. Please let me give you one advice. I don't know the way you interact with your employees, but I think it would be healthy to make clear who is the boss and who is the employee, I am not saying you have to be rude, but al least make clear there is a boss-employee relationship, not frienship, with time it can change, but if you try to become friend of them since the begining then "ellos se van a montar", which means they will abuse of your trust.

By the way if you need some spanish help, phrases and that kind of things drop me a line


Anonymous said...

Hey Ozi! Was just thinking of you so just swinging by your blog. You're a trooper dude! Keep it up and I hope to come visit you someday :)