Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dinner Party

I had my first official dinner party! Marlen, Maya and Larry came over
Monday night. It finally feels like I am happy here...It is so
strange. Though it was not anything like my usual dinner parties back
in San Francisco where I would stress over the menu for at least a
week, stay up late to read and try recipes and rush back home to prep
everything...This time, I just got a pack of nori, sushi rice, two
avocados as Larry is a big avocado monster and some veggies. Marlen
made a salad from her garden and Larry got some coconuts from my back
yard. I don't even have 3 cups or plates or chairs...but we just
laughed the whole time. I got a private lesson on opening coconuts and
how to cut your thumb but that will be another post.

P.S. For dessert, I stole some coconut-chocolate treats from the cafe
as dessert!

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