Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holiday Special at Organico

I made avocado ice-cream!!! We are selling it in half avocado shells...The recipe made around 12, I have 2 tastes really good, interesting and has an amazing color. One of those kitchen experiments turned into something fun...I was making a tart, it was so hot, i had to keep the mousse in the freezer, then i got busy and forgot about it...Now we have an icecream noone has around here...
No sugar added, dairy free, 100% organic....The recipe is from Raw Food Cookbook...Highly recommended...If you plan to visit me, please bring me coconut oil, agave nectar and maple syrup!
Happy Holidays!


G.O. said...

heloo! avocado icecreamm iyyy:)
ozledim fairyimi beeeeeeeeeen!

Anonymous said...

I made avocado icecream once and really liked the taste. Similarly, serving in its shell gives a nice touch. As far as I remember, we have put sugar in ours, do you have a recipe to share?