Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I try to save money by not paying my parking tickets for 21 days and then get a delinquency notice and wait for another 20 days and then put it on my credit card...then of course I note the days to my calendar, e-organizer, cell phone reminder, good old date book and even set up a DPT:Last Day to Pay meeting on Outlook. Of course, I have the proud attitude of  "I will never forget to pay"! Yeah! I am really that smart! I just got hit with a $60 street cleaning ticket. This was from the Memorial Day weekend, when I was in Chicago....Should I protest and not pay for another month or should I just let this go....whatever, I don't want to spend one more minute thinking about these things. Such a waste of time, I paid the $60. I am no longer doing this payment scheduling. I happened to have a few more recent tickets and I paid them right away too. Now, I have to go and delete all Pay DPT reminders:)

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